An environment where each country, using the best practices and data available, makes sound, evidence-based recommendations on immunization that are most appropriate for their context in order to facilitate their adoption and implementation


The mission of the Global NITAG Network is to enhance the ability of NITAGs to efficiently make evidence-informed recommendations on immunization through global collaboration and cooperation with input from regional networks

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There is currently no vacancy within the GNN steering committee

Documents of the network
Steering Committee

The steering committee functions as the GNN’s executive decision-making body and is mandated to act on behalf of the GNN members. The steering committee members provide strategic oversight and management of the GNN and ensure the development and implementation of an annual work plan.
The steering committee is comprised of six NITAG members, representing the six different WHO regions and 2 NITAG Secretariat members from well-established NITAGs. The composition reflects the diverse range of maturity levels, organizational experiences, and socio-economic backgrounds within the NITAG community.


Membership is open to all NITAGs. The NITAG as a whole is a member of the GNN and all NITAG members and Secretariat are invited to participate in the collaboration and sharing of information. In 2020, 53 countries are members of the network.


The Global NITAG Network meets every year in a different location and rotating WHO regions. Meetings are organized by the GNN Chair and secretariat with the support of the steering committee and the host organization. The meeting agenda reflects the network’s priorities.


All NITAGs are entitled to join the network free of charge. Even if your NITAG is still in the early stages of development, we encourage you to join and become one of the growing numbers of NITAGs around the world that are setting the standard for evidence-based decision-making on immunization in the future!
Once the NITAG is a part of the network, all the NITAG core members and secretariat are allowed to participate in the GNN activities and access the private forum.