UNITAG made the following recommendations based on the fact that MoH was already administering booster doses:

  1. MoH/ UNEPI should provide a booster dose 4-6 months after completing the primary vaccination series to the high-risk/ priority populations as identified by MoH first.
  2. The substantial amount of vaccine doses available in stock should be urgently utilised to complete primary series vaccination of the high risk before they expire.
  3. The MoH/ UNEPI should enhance efforts, including investing more resources in tracing and fully vaccinating the high-risk groups to ensure their protection.
  4. MoH/ UNEPI should ensure adequate and consistent availability of vaccines and close supervision at all facilities, including the private facilities, to improve access to the vaccines and subsequently improve vaccination coverage.
  5. MoH/ UNEPI should actively involve and support the various implementing partners in the vaccination process.
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