A COVID-19 vaccine, to be administered in the Autumn, is recommended for:

  • those aged 60 years and older
  • those aged 6months-59years with immunocompromiseassociated with a suboptimal response to vaccination
  • those aged 6 months-59 years with medical conditions associated with a higher riskof COVID-19 hospitalisation, severe disease or death
  • those aged 18-59 years living in long term care facilities for older adults
  • health and care workers.¨

2.For those aged 18-59 years who are healthy a COVID-19vaccine is not routinely recommended this Autumn

3.For those aged 6months to 17 years who are healthy a COVID-19 vaccine is not routinely recommended this Autumn. 

4.For pregnant adolescents and adults,a COVID-19 vaccine once in pregnancy is recommended, if it is more than six months since their previous COVID-19 vaccine or infection. COVID-19 vaccine can be given at any stage in pregnancy, ideally given between 20-34 weeks’ gestation.

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