The need for evidence-informed decision making in immunisation programmes has become crucial, especially in West Africa where countries face limited human and financial resources. Establishing national immunisation technical advisory groups (NITAGs) may help strengthen the national decision-making. A survey and literature review helped define the role of the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) in piloting a regional approach for supporting countries in creating NITAGs. In 2011, a collaborative structure was set up to conduct the initiative, including WAHO as the leader, the supporting immunisation and vaccine advisory committees (SIVAC) initiative, and the evidence-informed policy network (EVIPNet) programme of the World Health Organization (WHO). During 2013, this process achieved its first successes with the official creation of NITAGs in Senegal and Benin. Eight other countries of the Economic Community of West African States have formally expressed their commitment at the highest political level of their respective governments to the process of establishing NITAGs.

  • Africa
  • Benin
  • Senegal
  • WAHO
  • health policy