The first external assessment of Uganda’s NITAG (UNITAG) was conducted by a joint team from WHO AFRO and U.S. CDC from 24th to 28th February, 2022. The aim of this assessment were to measure the overall maturity of UNITAG, as well as the maturity for each of the seven indicators.
The assessment proceeded with interviews of keys stakeholders and a desk review of UNITAG documents. A data collection tool was used to identify which criteria have been met for each indicator; a maturity level was assigned for each indicator and the NITAG overall. A stakeholders meeting was held online on 03rd March, 2022 to reach a consensus on the scoring of each indicator.

The UNITAG was assigned developing level of maturity for four indicators. These are: establishment and composition, independence and non-bias, operations and the integration into policy making process. The UNITAG was assigned at intermediate level of maturity for the indicators resources and secretariat support and stakeholder recognition, while for making recommendations, UNITAG is at advanced level . Therefore, the UNITAG was assigned developing level of maturity overall, as and this was validated by the stakeholders consensus meeting.

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