The UNITAG received a request from the Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) to provide a recommendation on the allocation of the multiple COVID-19 vaccines expected in Uganda in the next couple of months. This recommendation aims to assist the Ministry of Health in planning for equitable allocation of vaccines against COVID-19.
In response to this request, the NITAG has conducted a preliminary literature review on the issue globally and domestically. We have also conducted some preliminary analysis of data available from phase one vaccination targeting high-risk groups in Uganda to consider what criteria should be used to set priorities for equitable distribution among groups of potential vaccine recipients. We have taken into account factors such as population health disparities; individuals at higher risk because of health status, occupation, or living conditions; and geographic distribution of active virus spread. In addition, the committee has considered how the population can be assured of equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines in Uganda and recommended strategies to mitigate vaccine hesitancy among the Ugandan public.

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