UNITAG came to the following recommendations:
1. Uganda should switch to use of nOPV2 as the vaccine of choice for cVDPV2 outbreak response following the WHO Emergency Use Listing guidelines.
2. The roll out of nOPV2 should be guided by the WHO initial use framework and criteria, Additionally, for Uganda, when a case of cVDPV2 is confirmed in a neighbouring country, the nOPV2 vaccine should be rolled out in targeted Supplementary Immunisation Activities (SIAs) only in high-risk districts as identified by the most UpToDate polio risk analysis mapping. This recommendation should be guided by advice from the WHO Regional Director. When a case of cVDPV2 is confirmed in country, a full country vaccine roll-out should be implemented.
3. In View of of the risk of paralysis associated with cVDPV2, the outbreak response should go ahead even in the COVID-19 pandemic, while strictly following the Standard Operating Procedures.
4. Considering of the difficulties previously experienced in obtaining consent for childhood vaccinations, which resulted in poor coverage, the nOPV2 roll out should not require parental consent.
5. The Ministry of Health should develop a framework for use of Emergency Use vaccines.

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