This document incorporates the most recent developments in the field of pertussis disease and its prevention by vaccination; it replaces the position paper published in October 2010 and includes the revised guidance on the choice of pertussis vaccines published in July 2014. Recommendations on the use of pertussis vaccines were discussed by SAGE in April 2014 and in April 2015; the evidence presented at these meetings can be accessed at: http://www.who.int/immunization/sage/meetings/2014/april/en/ and at http://www.who.int/immunization/sage/meetings/2015/april/en/ respectively.
The main revisions in this position paper concern the guidance on the choice of pertussis vaccine – whole cell pertussis (wP) or acellular pertussis (aP) vaccine – reflecting the updated guidance published in 2014, and incorporating recent evidence on the use of additional strategies, particularly vaccination during pregnancy, for prevention of early infant mortality

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