These recommendations reflect current evidence and will be reviewed when more information becomes available.

  1. All unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated people eligible for COVID-19 vaccine are strongly encouraged to complete a primary vaccination course.
  2. Everyone must continue to observe all recommended public health and social measures to limit COVID-19 exposure. Booster doses will not contribute immediately to outbreak management or take the place of public health and social measures.
  3. A booster dose of Comirnaty is recommended for all those aged 60 to 79 years who have completed their primary course with any COVID-19 vaccine. This is in addition to previous NIAC recommendations: Booster doses for those with immunocompromise and Booster doses for those aged 80 years and older and aged 65 and older in long term care facilities

The booster dose should be given after an interval of six months (or at least five months) following the last dose of any authorised COVID-19 vaccine, or any time thereafter. It can be given at the same time or at any interval before or after seasonal influenza vaccine.

As previously recommended, if a person in a group for whom a booster dose is recommended has had laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infection after a completed primary vaccine course (i.e., a breakthrough infection), the booster dose should be delayed for at least six months after the COVID-19 infection was diagnosed.

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