This research paper reports on the findings from an evaluation of the Moroccan NITAG with emphasis on its functionality, quality of work processes and outputs, and its integration into the immunization policy process. A cross-sectional study was conducted from October to December 2019 using the standardized, US-CDC/WHO-developed “simplified assessment tool for national immunization technical advisory groups”. The evaluation included eight participants. The evaluation has shown that it fully complies with the WHO recommendations. Among its strengths, the Moroccan NITAG has a solid legal basis, diverse expertise and many years of combined experience. This composition contributed to the credibility and strength of its recommendations and facilitated their implementation. The NITAG could, however, benefit from implementing written declarations of interests and standardized operating procedures in addition to establishing a standardized methodology to guide and document the decision-making process. The Moroccan NITAG could also gain from inviting members with public health/epidemiology research experience and from exchanging with other NITAGs in the region and globally. Finally, ensuring sustainable funding for the NITAG‘s activities will be crucial, so that it can continue its valuable support to the national immunization program.


Imane Jroundi, Mohammed Benazzouz, Abdel Hakim Yahyane, Moulay Tahar Alaoui & Nathalie El Omeiri

  • Report
  • Functioning
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Morocco