The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is an expert scientific advisory committee which advises the UK government on matters relating to vaccination and immunisation.

The committee has been considering the mounting evidence about protection from a single dose of HPV vaccine since 2018 and has been considering the issue of a potential change in the vaccine schedule to one dose of the HPV vaccine during this time. The first major review of a one-dose schedule took place in June 2020.

After a further review of the latest evidence on one-dose schedules in December 2021 the committee issued an interim statement for consultation on 10 February 2022. See the JCVI interim statement on extending HPV vaccination to adolescent boys.

At that time the committee agreed that there was now enough evidence to advise a change in the schedule from 2 doses to one dose of HPV vaccine in the routine adolescent programme for children and young people aged up to (and including) 14 years of age. This advice was interim, pending a stakeholder consultation. The consultation ran for 6 weeks.

The HPV subcommittee met on 17 May 2022 to review the stakeholders’ responses and reported its findings at the June 2022 JCVI meeting. JCVI considers it is now ready to conclude its advice on this issue and this statement sets out the key aspects and final conclusions of the committee.

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