• The introduction of RTS, S/AS01 Malaria vaccine to children aged 5-17months in areas of medium to high transmission of malaria was recommended pending;
      1. Review of real data, other groups work and other countries that has piloted RTS, S/AS01 to inform on duration and effectiveness of vaccine and timing of vaccination to ensure protection below five years of age.
      2. The availability of data on the gaps in waning of immunity before a child reach five years
      3. Intensive social mobilization and acceptability studies regarding RTS. S/AS01 
  • The Government should facilitate registration and sustainable availability of RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccines due low production capacity of vaccine by manufacturer
  • The government to ensure sustainable funding to sustain existing malaria interventions as outlined in National Malaria Strategic Plan 2020–2025 that have significantly contributed to reduction of Malaria in the country
  • Community and other stakeholders should be mobilized to understand the benefits of RTS, S/AS01 vaccine and other Malaria interventions.
  • Recommendation
  • Africa
  • Tanzania (United Republic Of)
  • Children
  • Malaria