In this analysis, no difference was found between one and two dose schedules in terms of clinical case incidence and seroprotection. There was a reduction in the GMC in single-dose regimens. Booster studies of individuals receiving one dose and followed long-term showed strong responses from anamnestic immune memory even in HAV seronegative individuals vaccinated up to 17 years prior. The impact of single dose programs is marked on HAV epidemiology. CEA studies show one and two doses are both cost effective, but single doses are often cost saving. Over the next 5 to 10 years it appears there will be additional data available including from (1) these same studies with longer follow up and (2) more population impact data from countries having implemented single dose regimens. Analysis and interpretation are limited by small studies, very low certainty of evidence and limited long-term data.

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  • systematic review
  • Hepatitis A