BACKGROUND: Vaccines are an effective and ideal solution that can reduce the burden of disease worldwide. Although vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Anti-vaccine conspiracy theories impair vaccination acceptance intentions. Several studies were conducted in East Africa. However, these studies had reported inconsistent findings. Therefore, this systematic review aimed to pool the prevalence of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and identify its determinants. METHODS: PubMed, Google Scholar, and GLOBAL HEALTH databases were used to retrieve previously published studies. All papers published in the English language up to February 28, 2022 were included. The result was written and reported according to the PRISMA updated guideline. A random-effect model was used to estimate the pooled prevalence and effect sizes. Heterogeneity was assessed using I(2) test statistics. Publication bias was assessed using funnel plot and egger's test statistics. Statistical tests result at P-value<0.05 were declared as having significance.Result: A total of 25 Cross-sectional studies with a total sample size of 33,044 were included in this study. The pooled prevalence of Covid-19 vaccine acceptance was 60.2%, (95%CI: 52.8- 67.3). Egger's test statistics (P = 0.003) showed there is a significant publication bias. Attending above secondary school (AOR: 2.1, 95%CI: 1.37, 2.96), having good knowledge about the vaccine (AOR: 2.1, 95%CI: 1.6, 2.8), having a positive attitude towards vaccine (AOR: 3.8, 95%CI: 2.3, 6.2), history of COVID-19 infection (AOR: 2.7, 95%CI: 1.6, 4.7) and being male (AOR: 1.8, 95%CI: 1.2, 2.7) were found to have a significant association with COVID-19 vaccine acceptance. CONCLUSION: The COVID-19 vaccination acceptance rate was good, but it could be improved. The findings could help governments to figure out the best way to carry out COVID-19 mass vaccination campaigns. There is a lack of data in most countries. Therefore, we suggest more studies be conducted in the future.

  • Africa
  • Adults (18+)
  • Elderly (65+)
  • Vaccine/vaccination
  • Acceptance
  • COVID-19