INTRODUCTION: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a global health threat. Millions of lives were lost to COVID-19 and it has caused a substantial economic crisis throughout the world. The development of coronavirus vaccines has pinned a new hope in combating the pandemic. The success of vaccination and development of herd immunity highly depend on the willingness to be vaccinated, not merely on the availability of a vaccine. This review aims to provide comprehensive evidence on acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine and its associated factors in Ethiopia. METHODS: Literature searching was done using PubMed, Google scholar and Science direct databases. Studies conducted in Ethiopia, published in English language from inception until January 9, 2022 were included. Retrieved articles were screened based on titles, abstracts and full text reading to identify studies that met the inclusion criteria. About 21 eligible studies were included in this systematic review. The data were extracted using a data extraction checklist. RESULTS: A total of 2058 records were retrieved, of which 21 were eligible for this systematic review. All of the articles were cross-sectional studies published in 2021. In Ethiopia, the level of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance ranged from 31.4% to 92.33%. The vaccine acceptance level was significantly associated with age groups, sex, educational status, perceived susceptibility, perceived benefit, knowledge about COVID-19 vaccine, and other socio-demographic factors. CONCLUSION: A significant portion of the studies revealed vaccine acceptance level was low. Variation of vaccine acceptance was associated with socio-demographic factors (age, sex, educational status, etc.), information-related factors, and other health-related behaviors. Dissemination of clear and adequate information concerning the vaccine might be the required prior activity to increase acceptance of the vaccine. Hence, there should be a coordinated effort to halt the pandemic through increasing the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Africa
  • Ethiopia
  • All age groups
  • Healthcare workers
  • Parents/caregivers
  • Pregnant women
  • Vaccine/vaccination
  • Acceptance
  • COVID-19