The Nigeria Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NGI-TAG) Meeting was held on October 7th and 8th, 2015 in Abuja. Following the inaugural meeting of August 17th, 2015, this meeting aimed at providing members with an overview of the Expanded Program on Immunization  (EPI) in Nigeria, reviewing and agree upon mode of operation and guidelines in the “NGITAG Procedural manual and guidelines” and Commencing drafting of a strategic plan for the next 3 years.


During the meeting, the following thematic areas were covered:

  • Overview of EPI programme in Nigeria: Structure, functions, funding, and challenges
  • Global overview of NITAGs and the establishment of Nigeria Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NGI-TAG)
  • Influence of the Health System on NGI-TAG recommendation
  • Overview of the method for making evidence-based recommendations 
  • Review of the NGI-TAG operating procedures manual (Green book) and strategic plan


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