On 20 August, 2015  Lao People’s Democratic Republic held its first official NITAG meeting. The meeting was attended by NITAG members and the Vice Minister of Health of Government of Lao PDR, Dr. Inlarvanh Keobounphanh. The agenda included discussions on the introduction of IPV and the tOPV/bOPV switch, the possible introduction of a diphtheria booster dose and communication strategies for ethnic minority groups.


In addition to this, the NITAG discussed methods for strengthening and development. SIVAC introduced its program and the new phase of support available under the partnership with the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office. 
A work plan has been developed and key activities in 2015 include the development of an internal operations manual and annual activity plan. In addition to this a workshop is being planned in December for NITAG members on evidence-based immunization decision making skills.



Lao People's Democratic Republic