With the imminent perspective of the marketing of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and a gradual allocation of doses, this preliminary recommendation aims to define upstream and in a transparent manner what the initial objectives of the vaccination program will be as well. as the public who will be vaccinated as a priority.

The initial objectives of the vaccination program are to:


  1. reduce morbidity and mortality attributable to covid-19 disease on the one hand;​​​​​
  2. maintain the essential activities linked to the functioning of the country on the other hand and in particular the health system.

initial supply phase (as soon as the first doses of vaccines are made available)

  • Residents of establishments welcoming the elderly and residents in long-stay services 
  • Professionals working in establishments welcoming the elderly and who are themselves at an increased risk of severe form / death (aged over 65 and / or presence of comorbidity (s))

Second phase: 


  • People over 75 years old, starting with the oldest / with one or more co-morbidities
  • Then people aged 65-74, prioritizing those with one or more comorbidity (s)

Third phase:


  • People at risk because of their age (50-65 years) or their comorbidity (s) not previously vaccinated
  • Professionals in the health and medico-social sectors not previously vaccinated

Fourth phase:

  • Vulnerable and precarious people (homeless, etc.), living in communities (prisons, psychiatric establishments, homes, etc.) not previously vaccinated
  • Professionals taking care of vulnerable people including social workers, not previously vaccinated


  • NITAG Recommendation
  • France