COVID-19 a systemic inflammation involving multiple organs, affecting all age groups, with high mortality rate, severe adverse outcomes, and high economic burden need to be described. A systematic review of systematic reviews conducted. We searched PubMed, OVID Medline, Cochrane library, COVID-19 resource centers of N Engl. J Med, AHA, and LITCOVID. Certainty of evidences was evaluated by GRADE approach. Meta-analysis according to random effects model was conducted. Seventy-one eligible systematic reviews are included in the study. A total of 86.5% of them had high quality, and 13.5% had medium quality. Meta-analysis results are presented in tabular format, and the remaining results are presented in narration fashion. COVID-19 involves blood vessels, lung, heart, nervous system, liver, gastrointestinal system, kidney, eyes, and other organs and infects adult and children, neonates, pregnant women, and elderly, transmitted via air born and droplet. Comorbidities associated with COVID-19 are HTN 20.7%, CVD 9.6%, DM 9.55%, respiratory diseases 7%, and 9% of cigarette smoking. Prognostic factors for mortality among COVID-19 cases are acute cardiac injury, diagnosed CVD, DM, respiratory disease, and HTN. Prognostic factors for disease severity are CVD and HTN. Prognostic factors for disease progression were fever, shortness of breath, and smoking. There is no specific antiviral treatment. Preventive measures including physical distancing of 2 m and more, using PPE, avoiding social gatherings, quarantine, and isolation have been recommended. Encouraging telemedicine, online training, and homeschooling are highly recommended. Vaccine is approaching, and concerns exist about vaccine with a high efficacy. Modification of CVD and cardiometabolic risk became the cornerstone for sustainable control of pandemic.

  • All age groups
  • Pregnant women
  • Risk factor
  • COVID-19