At the end of May 2020, the Government commissioned the Swedish Public Health Agency to produce a national operational plan for future vaccination against covid-19 disease.

It is most likely that vaccines will be delivered gradually in limited volumes. It is therefore necessary to prepare which groups should be given priority for vaccination. Based on current evidence and experience, people 70 years and older and people with underlying conditions have been shown to be associated with more serious covid19 infection, should be prioritized for vaccination against covid-19, before a possible vaccination of the entire population from the age of 18 and up. These groups have an increased risk of serious illness and death in covid-19 compared to younger and healthier individuals, based on the data currently available. The type of vaccine and what protective effect vaccination is expected to cause in the elderly and people with underlying disease will also be considered in the assessment. In addition to this, the Swedish Public Health Agency considers that vaccination should be a priority for staff in elderly care, health care and other care staff who work closely with people at risk of severe covid-19, so that those who are cared for and receive care are protected against being infected by staff.

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