Context: Despite various studies, there is no overall estimation about the efficacy of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine among healthcare workers (including healthcare personnel and healthcare students). The present meta-analysis study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of HBV vaccine in healthcare workers in Iran. Evidence Acquisition: This study was performed according to the PRISMA guidelines for systematic review and meta-analysis studies. A comprehensive search was conducted using national and international databases including: Magiran, Iranmedex, IranDoc, SID, Medlib, Scopus, Pubmed, Science Direct, Cochrane, Embase,Web of Science, Springer, wiley online library, Trials Register, DOAJ, and Google Scholar search engine without time limit up to 2016. Just papers which were qualified according to inclusion criteria were examined. The data were analyzed using meta-analysis method in STATA software Ver.11.1. Results: 1726 healthcare workers had been examined in 12 studies. The efficacy of HBV vaccine, 1-6 months after the injection of the third dose was determined to be 93.1% (95% CI: 90.3-97); this rate was 95.9% (95% CI: 93.1-98.6) for male and 91.3% (95% CI: 87.1%-95.5%) for female participants. HBV vaccine efficacy was 90.9% (95% CI: 86.5-95.3) for 8 studies conducted on healthcare personnel and 97.3% (95% CI: 94.7-97.7) for 3 studies on healthcare students. Conclusions: Immunogenicity of HBV vaccine was 90-97 in healthcare workers. Hence, the complete course of vaccination is sufficient for prevention of HBV and there is no need for booster dose or dose re-administration. Copyright © 2017, Kowsar Corp.
Eastern Mediterranean All age groups Healthcare workers Efficacy/effectiveness Hepatitis B