Providing adequate training and follow-up to NITAG secretariat and NITAG members is an essential component to build and sustain functional NITAGs.
Over the past years , WHO and partners have developed and implemented a number of training modules and materials, many of which are available in the NITAG resource centre.
After an existing gap analysis in late 2019, WHO is revising existing material and developing additional material to fill identified gaps with the help of an experienced instructional designer.
The GNN will be a key partner in the improvement and finalisation of the materials to ensure products are fit for purpose and usability.

Activities of the working group
• Advise WHO on prioritization of materials and format of modules,
• Review and comment on training material drafts,
• Advise on the use of cases and country specific examples, and
• Recommend to WHO final documents to be referenced as GNN training material.

NITAG training