In this scientific advisory report on public health policy, the Superior Health Council of Belgium provides 3 recommendations on the prevention of varicella infections in children, adolescents and people at risk in the Belgian population:

  1. While the CSS, Belgium's Superior health council, is convinced of the benefits of chickenpox immunization (in two doses) and of the value of a two-dose vaccine, it does not currently recommend universal immunization.
  2. A two-dose chickenpox vaccination can be recommended at an individual level. It may be administered in the form of a monovalent chickenpox vaccine or a quadrivalent MMRV vaccine. If a physician decides to vaccinate against chickenpox at an individual level, it is important that two doses be administered in accordance with the recommended time interval.
  3. Continued attention must be paid to the immunization of at-risk groups: non-immunized persons in close contact with immunodeficient patients, non-immunized adults employed in the (para)medical sector or in close contact with young children, non-immunized women of childbearing age.
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