Two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines (Gardasil and CevarixTM) were launched between 2006~2007. Clinical trials have been performed in several countries. However, it takes few decades to measure HPV vaccine efficacy for the protection of cervical cancer. Therefore, several surrogate markers such as seroconversion rate, presence of HPV DNA, and cytological/ histological abnormalities have been evaluated. Until now, long-term follow-up data for 5 years (Gardasil) and for 8.4 years (Cevarix) were available from international trials. However, only seroconversion rate at 4 weeks after vaccination and safety were evaluated in Korea. It is necessary to establish a reference laboratory and long-term follow-up monitoring system for the proper evaluation of HPV vaccines in Korea.

Journal of Bacteriology and Virology, Volume 41, Issue 4, pp 313-318

Western Pacific South Korea Human papillomavirus (HPV)