After careful review of recently published studies, NACI concludes that egg allergic individuals may be vaccinated against influenza using the low ovalbumin-containing live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) licensed for use in Canada. The full dose of LAIV may be used without prior vaccine skin test and in any settings where vaccines are routinely administered. LAIV also appears to be well tolerated in individuals with a history of stable asthma or recurrent wheeze; however, it remains contraindicated for individuals with severe asthma (defined as currently on oral or high dose inhaled glucocorticosteroids or active wheezing) or for those with medically attended wheezing in the 7 days prior to immunization. The waiting period post immunization is as recommended in the Canadian Immunization Guide. As with all vaccine administration, immunizers should be prepared with the necessary equipment, knowledge and skills to respond to a vaccine emergency at all times.
The use of LAIV in egg allergic individuals is a change from previous NACI statements.

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