On March 24, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration licensed an additional combined diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed (DTaP) and inactivated poliovirus (IPV) vaccine (DTaP-IPV) (Quadracel, Sanofi Pasteur Inc.). Quadracel is the second DTaP-IPV vaccine to be licensed for use among children aged 4 through 6 years in the United States. Quadracel is approved for administration as a fifth dose in the DTaP series and as a fourth or fifth dose in the IPV series in children aged 4 through 6 years who have received 4 doses of DTaP-IPV-Hib (Pentacel, Sanofi Pasteur) and/or DTaP (Daptacel, Sanofi Pasteur) vaccine. This report summarizes the indications for Quadracel vaccine and provides guidance from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for its use.

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