Background COVID-19 pneumonia is a newly recognized illness that is spreading rapidly around the world and causes many disability and deaths. Some diseases, for instance diabetes, is continuously suggested as a risk factor which contributes to the severity and mortality of COVID-19. However, to date, there are no comprehensive studies aiming to explain the exact relationship between diabetes and COVID-19. Thus, this study aims to summarize the evidence about diabetes and COVID-19 outbreak through a systematic review and meta-analysis approach. Method A literature review was implemented within databases of Scopus, PubMed, Science direct, and Web of science. Observational reviews, case-report, and case-series studies that assessed the diabetes in COVID-19 patients, were included. Data extraction and assessment were guided by PRISMA checklist. Findings Some studies suggest that there were no significant differences in symptoms between patients who suffered from both diabetes and COVID-19 and those who only suffered COVID-19. In the subsequent meta-analysis 14.5 % of the subjects were diabetic patient. These clients have poor ARDS prognosis, severe symptoms, and the death rate is higher among COVID-19 patients. In addition, it is suggested the diabetic patients will be treated with antibiotics, antivirals, and HCQ. Conclusion The results of this study show that diabetes is a risk factor – and contributes to the severity and mortality of patients with COVID-19. This paper also provides recommendations and guidelines for which could be useful for prevention and treatment of diabetic patients affected by COVID-19.
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