GVIRF is the only global meeting that brings together the entire Vaccine and Immunization Research community, from basic immunology to implementation research, and from low to high income countries.

GVIRF will:

  1. Track progress in vaccine research and development
  2. Identify gapsopportunities and actions to maximize the benefit of immunization
  3. Foster networking and collaboration to accelerate progress
  4. Support implementation of Immunization Agenda 2030

GVIRF 2021 will be:

Influential: Featuring high level keynotes and speakers from the forefront of immunization research
Timely: Reviewing progress in vaccines for COVID-19
Balanced: Discussing COVID-19 in context of overall immunization and relationship with other diseases
Equity-oriented: Aiming to foster global participation and address global needs

To enable active participation regardless of time zone, GVIRF 2021 will be held twice each day. The first block is for participants closer to the prime meridian (UTC +0). The second block is for participants closer to the international date line (UTC +12). Both blocks will have the same content. Please attend the sessions that work best for you.