Interactive map

The interactive map shows the status of NITAGs worldwide using a graded key that indicates whether a NITAG:

  • Has not yet been created
  • Already exists but without terms of reference or an administrative or legislative basis (or already exists but without any further data)
  • Already exists and meets 1 to 5 basic WHO criteria
  • Already exists and meets the 6 basic WHO criteria

“Not applicable” refers to states that are not recognized internationally.

When the mouse is moved over a given country, a pop-up appears indicating the positive or negative status of the NITAG, based on the 6 WHO criteria from the WHO-UNICEF JRF:

  • Meets at least once a year
  • At least 5 areas of expertise represented
  • Conflict of interest policy implemented
  • A legislative or administrative basis
  • Formal terms of reference
  • Circulate the agenda and background documents a week before the meeting

The JRF is a monitoring tool created by WHO, UNICEF and selected ministries of health. It takes the form of a declarative questionnaire sent by WHO and UNICEF to all Member States twice a year. The form investigates many aspects of immunization.


NITAG status as of December 2017

Quick access:
  • NITAG (No further data available or neither terms of reference nor legislative basis)
  • NITAG meets 1 to 5 WHO criteria
  • NITAG meets all 6 basic WHO criteria
  • Non applicable
  • None

* No further data available or neither terms of reference nor legislative basis

The information shown on the map is derived from the WHO-UNICEF Joint Reporting Form (JRF), dated 2016. The questionnaire is declarative, and WHO and UNICEF do not check the accuracy of every reply.
The boundaries, names and designations used in this map do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the entities that maintain this website.

No information about a NITAG means there is no country datasheet.