Vaccination recommendations by STIKO

9 февра́ль 2016

The national immunization schedule is developed by STIKO, and an updated version is usually published once a year (usually in August) in the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Robert Koch Institute. STIKO has translated the vaccination recommendations endorsed during the 79th and 81st STIKO meetings and which are considered enacted upon their publication on 24 August 2015.


This 2015 version replaces the previous STIKO vaccination recommendations published in August 2014 in Epidemiologisches Bulletin (Epid. Bull.) 34/2014 of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The scientific rationale for the modified STIKO recommendations will be available in Epid. Bull. 35/2015, 36/2015, and 37/2015 on the RKI website (


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More information on STIKO recommendations here.

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