Выпуск приложения ProVac-EPIC к Вакцине

12 май 2015

Расширение доказательной базы  с целью предоставления информации по внедрению вакцин: стоимость программ и анализ соотношения затраты-эффективность.


Панамериканская организация здравоохранения / Всемирная организация здравоохранения координировали новую серию исследований, недавно опубликованных в приложении к Вакцине под названием "Расширение доказательной базы с целью предоставления информации по внедрению вакцин: стоимость программ и анализ соотношения затраты-эффективность".

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The supplement includes 31 original research articles, nine of which are from the Americas (from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru), and four perspective articles by global experts in health economics and decision science. The original research includes 14 country-led cost-effectiveness analyses and nine country costing and financial flows analyses that incorporate new data collected from over 300 primary health care facilities in six countries. The four perspective articles address subjects including the potential role of cost-effectiveness analysis in vaccine price negotiations, the continued need for models and methodological approaches that can be adapted for use in low resource policy settings, and the challenges of supporting country-level decision making in the context of donors' priority setting.

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  • Чили

    Chile's NITAG documents the results of the committee's evaluation


    In this article, we describe the structure, functioning and work processes of Chile’s NITAG (CAVEI) and assess its functionality, quality of work processes and outputs, and integration of the committee into the Ministry of Health policy process using the Assessment tool for National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups.

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  • NITAG training

    Read more on NITAG training in resource-constrained settings


    Antoinette Ba-Nguy and Adeel Shaah, ex-SIVAC staff and experienced NITAG trainers,  wrote an article on the NITAG trainings delivered through the Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI) program.

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  • SAGE (Стратегическая консультативная группа экспертов)

    new Interim Recommendations on Vaccination against Ebola Virus Disease from SAGE


    Over the last four weeks, the Ebola outbreak in the Eastern Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has deteriorated with a large increase in the number of cases1. A major factor in this rise is an increase in critical security incidents that have dramatically affected the ability to identify, follow up and vaccinate contacts successfully. This context challenges the implementation of ring vaccination based on the identification of contacts and contacts of contacts, as recommended by SAGE in April 2017 and confirmed by SAGE during its April 2019 meeting. Further, a potential vaccine shortage may manifest in case the outbreak expands further and/or is prolonged.

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