Сенегал вводит инактивированную полиомиелитную вакцину (ИПВ)

30 янва́рь 2015

Сенегал, который объявлен свободным от вызываемого диким вирусом полиомиелита с 2004 года,  одобрил рекомендацию СКГЭ и запланировал, при поддержке своих партнеров, введение инактивированной полиомиелитной вакцины (ИПВ) в свою расширенную программу иммунизации (РПИ) в январе 2015 года.
Это решение также основывалось также на национальном уровне на рекомендации Национального консультативного комитета по вакцинации Сенегала (НККВС).

Церемония запуска состоялась в Дакаре 30 января 2015 года.

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  • Сенегал

    Six steps for successfully proposing a recommendation


    In Senegal, the NITAG (CCVS) Chair tasks six experts to work on cerebrospinal meningitis. The objective is simple: to define whether or not it is appropriate to introduce the MenAfriVac in the routine EPI, starting from 2017. Indeed, Senegal is inside a meningitis belt and is regularly exposed to epidemic flares of cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM).
    The vaccine was introduced in the country as part of a campaign in 2012. WHO recommends that the vaccine be introduced into the routine EPI within five years of a campaign. Then, in 2015, Senegal's Minister for Health sent a request to the CCVS experts.


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  • Сенегал

    Introduction of the Meningococcal A Conjugate Vaccine into routine immunization in Senegal: the NITAG is getting ready


    Requested by the Minister of Health to issue a recommendation on the introduction of the Meningococcal A Conjugate Vaccine into routine immunization, the Advisory Committee on Immunization in Senegal (CCVS) has established a working group to prepare a technical dossier to guide experts in their deliberations. The Working Group (WG) met in a workshop in Mbour from 12th to 14th October 2016.

    With technical support from SIVAC initiative of HPID Center, the working group finalized the recommendation framework which specify critical data to support Senegal NITAG opinion on the relevance of the introduction of the meningococcal A conjugate vaccine into routine childhood immunization in Senegal. The working group also identified relevant studies from which evidence will be collected. The quality of this evidence will be assessed and data synthesized and analysed to prepare a strong technical dossier which will later form a basis for experts to make an informed decision on the subject. 

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  • Чили

    Chile's NITAG documents the results of the committee's evaluation


    In this article, we describe the structure, functioning and work processes of Chile’s NITAG (CAVEI) and assess its functionality, quality of work processes and outputs, and integration of the committee into the Ministry of Health policy process using the Assessment tool for National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups.

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