DRC is the 2nd country in Central Africa to establish a NITAG

Congo (Democratic Republic of)
20 October 2016

By Ministerial decree No. 1250 / CAB / MIN / SP / 014 / CD / 2016 dated of 17th October 2016, DRC becomes the 2nd country in Central Africa after Cameroon with a Technical Advisory Group on Immunization.


The DRC NITAG mission is to provide on request or on its own initiative, opinions, recommendations or independent reports on vaccination or vaccines in order to support policy in this area. Efforts towards the establishment of the NITAG began in 2015 with a strong commitment and political will of the Minister of Health. The national authorities were accompanied in this process by SIVAC initiative of HPID Centre through support to EPI management in the development of the concept note establishing the NITAG, as well as the organization of a study tour for the EPI focal point and a national expert to the Belgian NITAG.

 DRC NITAG is composed of 15 national experts whose profiles are as follows:

  1. Biostatistician  (1)
  2. Health economist (1)
  3.  Entomologist (1)
  4. Epidemiologist 4- (1)
  5. Expert in Laboratory and clinical trials (1)
  6. Immunologist 6- (1)
  7.  Infectious disease expert (1)
  8. Neurologist (1)
  9. Paediatrician (1)
  10. Sociologist / anthropologist (1)
  11.  Healthcare logistics specialist (1)
  12. Research and clinical trials Specialist (1)
  13. Policies and Health Systems Specialist (1)
  14. Vaccinologist  (2)

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