New members for the Zimbabwe NITAG

20 July 2016

The Zimbabwe NITAG comprised of national experts, technicians and partners to provide recommendations to the Ministry of Health was created in 2011. Since then, the NITAG has issued a number of recommendations and briefing notes to the  Ministry on Health on new vaccines and vaccinations, including  on Measles-Rubella, IPV, new vaccination schedule, AEFI reporting and monitoring and on EPI functioning (human resources, logistics, reporting).



Following a meeting on NITAGs recommended modes of operations organised by WHO AFRO and partner in Brazzaville in May 2015,  Zimbabwe NITAG undertook an internal assessment and decided to review its membership. The NITAG is now composed of 18 members from various areas of expertise: public health; paediatric; immunology; health economy; bacterio-virology; obstetrics; research; general medical practice:

  • Dr. Nhamo Gonah, Paediatrician, Chairperson
  • Mrs. Priscilla P. M. Nyambayo, Clinical Pharmacologist
  • Dr. Kusum J Nathoo, Paediatrician & Epidemiologist
  • Dr. Alva M. Senderayi, General Practitioner
  • Dr. Felicity Zvanyadza Gumbo, Paediatrician
  • Prof. E N Sibanda, Immunologist
  • Prof. Chirenje, Obstetrician
  • Dr. Vongai Dondo, Paediatrician
  • Mrs. Ropafadzai Hove, Pharmacist
  • Dr. Jaensch Dorcas Masanga, Paediatrician 
  • Mr. Alfred Chingono, Social Scientist
  • Dr. Pasipanodya Nziramasanga    Virologist
  • Dr. Tawanda Marufu, Public Health Specialist
  • Mr. Travor Mabugu, Health Economist
  • Dr. Mary Nyathi, Paediatrician
  • Dr. Hilda Angela Mujuru, Paediatrician & Epidemiologist
  • Mr. Macdonald Don, Chartered Accountant
  • Dr. Angela Mushavi, Paediatrician

The SIVAC Initiative of the HPID Center and WHO are organising an orientation workshop for members of the Zimbabwe NITAG in Harare on July 18th-19th 2016.  The twenty-five (25 ) members (including core and liaison members as well as secretariat) participate  in the workshop. The objectives of the workshop are to:
i. Familiarise NITAG members with the global, regional and national immunisation landscape
ii. Orient members to NITAG functioning as per WHO guidelines
iii. Present methods for issuing evidence - based recommendations
iv. Draft  tools and materials for NITAG operations
The workshop uses materials from the NITAGs training manual developed by the SIVAC Initiative in collaboration with partners.

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