Evaluation of The Moldovan NITAG's Performance

Moldova (Republic Of)
26 May 2016

As part of its collaboration with WHO EURO to strengthen National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs), a team of the SIVAC Initiative / HPID Center visited the Moldovan NITAG from 18th to 20th May 2016. The objective was to evaluate the Moldovan NITAG’s performance through the implementation of the evaluation tool developed by HPID in 2015.


During the mission, HPID and the Moldovan NITAG ecretariat worked together on an extensive desk review and conducted various interviews with NITAG members, including the Chair and the Executive Secretary and with representatives of the Ministry of Health. The aim of these meetings was to further understand:

  • the Committee's functioning
  • the quality of the methods used to establish its recommendations
  • the extent to which they are effectively integrated into the decision-making system regarding immunization policies

The final evaluation report will present the strengths, challenges and bottlenecks that the Committee faces in its activities and missions. An in-depth analysis of the data will allow evaluators to make recommendations to improve the NITAG’s global performance. These recommendations will be used to establish a joint EURO/HPID work plan to strengthen the Moldovan NITAG.


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