First meeting of the global network of NITAGs

23 May 2016

For the first time, representatives of NITAGs from all WHO regions gathered together to discuss collaboration between themselves.


During the first day of the meeting, participants reviewed the existing regional networks of NITAGs and the tools that can foster experience sharing among NITAGs. Participants strongly expressed the need for a global network of NITAGs together with their commitment to be part of it and the urge to learn from one another. In working groups, participants discussed the objectives, structure and terms of reference of such a global network. In plenary, consensus was reached on a strategic document summarizing the network’s structure, terms of reference and next steps.
Evaluation of NITAGs was the central theme of the second day. AMP-HPID presented a tool developed to help NITAGs review the functionality, processes and impact of their committees. The NITAGs of Cote d'Ivoire and Armenia shared their experiences on evaluation. It was agreed that a pool of NITAG evaluators could be trained to support evaluation activities.
This meeting is an important milestone enabling NITAGs from all around the world to share experiences and challenges, build capacity and support the growing momentum of NITAG establishment.


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