A NITAG in Zambia

15 April 2016

The National Immunisation Technical Advisory Group ( NITAG)  will serve as the principal advisory group to the immunisation programme and country for development of policy related to vaccines and immunisation. The main roles of the NITAG includes :

  1. Offering a credible, transparent, and independent decision-making process regarding vaccination;
  2. Propose recommendations adapted to suite Zambia;
  3. Strenghtening of national immunisation programmes through synergy.

The NITAG is also intented to add value to existing immunisation committees  such as National Certification Committee for Polio Eradication ( NCC); National Polio Experts Committee ( NPEC) , Natioanl Task Force ( NTF), National Epidemics Committee ( NEC), Inter –Agency Coordination Committee ( ICC) 


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