Agenda for ProVac Regional Workshop is Out

Costa Rica
Health economics
17 March 2016

The workshop aims to provide national public health experts with training on tools and methods to estimate the impact, costs and cost-effectiveness of vaccines in order to guide decision makers in developing evidence-based immunization policies. The workshop will feature case examples for meningococcal vaccination.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Participants are empowered to promote evidence-based decision making at the national level for immunization policy formulation.
  2. Participants increase knowledge regarding the use of economic evaluations to inform evidence-based decision making.
  3. Participants have capacity to apply methods learned to conduct national level cost-effectiveness analyses with technical support from PAHO’s ProVac Initiative.
  4. Participants are equipped with new tools and approaches to inform national priority setting processes around vaccine policy development.


Find attached to this news the agenda as of March 16th.

Documents to download

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