Orientation Workshop of the Malawi NITAG

24 November 2015

The Malawi NITAG has officialy been established on November 10th 2015 by the Malawi Secretary for Health. The MoH, through WHO office, requested technical support from SIVAC for the organization of an orientation workshop for the newly appointed members of the committee. The workshop was held on November 16 - 20 2015.


The workshop included the following objectives:

  • to present the NITAGs ways of operating: roles, responsibilities and operating procedures (including the conflict of interests and confidential policy)
  • to familiarize participants with methodologies to make evidence-based recommendations
  • To define the main outlines for the committee's strategic plan taking into account national priorities and the regional plan
  • To develop a manual for internal procedures, the yearly workplan and appendix

Plenary sessions focused on priorities and challenges by the EPI, national immunization decision-making process, global and regional vaccine action plans, key elements for internal procedures of a NITAG with a specific focus on the declaration of conflict of interest and finally the methodology for evidence-based recommendations. Group sessions led to the draft of the internal procedures manual and the 2016 yearly workplan. These documents will be finalized by the Secretariat and validated during the december 2015 meeting. Besides, the Chair, Dr Macpherson Mallewa insisted on the necessity for all NITAG members to consider financial sustainability right from the start of their mandate. Finally, participants requested technical support from SIVAC for organizing trainings including one on evidence-based recommendations and the other on technics to systematically review the literature by the Secretariat. 

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