Training Workshop on the Development of an Evidence-Based Recommendation Note

20 July 2015

As part of its 2015 yearly workplan, the NITAG of Benin (CNCV-Benin) has organized on July 7th & 8th a training workshop to reinforce abilities to develop an evidence-based recommendation note. This workshop aimed at updating knowledge of all committee members following the couple of workshops organized on the same topic in september 2013 for the executive secretariat in the west Africa region and in January 2014 for the members of the Benin NITAG.


Held in Cotonou with the heal of the SIVAC initiative, the workshop's main objective was to reinforce the committee's abilities to develop evidence-based recommendation note. 13 members participated. Four main topics have been discussed:

1. Definition of the framework for a recommendation

2. Identification process of the best evidence available

3. Description and utilisation of tools to evaluate evidence

4. Redaction of the recommendation note

It was also a good opportunity to promote the use of the NITAG Resource Center (NRC) as the one-stop-shop for all NITAG-related information and experience sharing as well as networking between committees. 

At the end of the workshop, the Chair, Pr Koumakpai, has stated that the formation of a workgroup to work on the topic used as an exercise during the training workshop will be discussed in the meeting of July 23rd and 24th. The SIVAC Initiative will continue to support the committee when needed. 

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