Public Health England publishes training and information for healthcare professional regarding the meningococcal B vaccination programme

United Kingdom
Health policy
3 July 2015

The recent introduction of menB vaccine in the national childhood immunisation programme after a deal was agreed between the Government and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will be applied from september 2015. Public Health England is making available training materials for healthcare professionals. 


A training presentation can be dowloaded here. It updates health care workers on the meningococcal B vaccination programme by: 

  • providing evidence for discussing vaccination against meningococcal B with parents or carers
  • explaining meningococcal B epidemiology and the benefits of vaccination for young infants
  • outlining vaccine administration, contraindications, precautions and potential adverse reactions

A letter offering clinical guidance on immunisation of infants against meningococcal B disease has also been published here.

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