Launch of the ProVac-EPIC Supplement to Vaccine

12 May 2015

“Expanding the evidence base to inform vaccine introduction: program costing and cost-effectiveness analyses”


The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization coordinated the new series of studies recently published on Vaccine Supplement titled "Expanding the Evidence Base to Inform Vaccine Introduction: Program Costing and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses". 

All articles can be accessed here.

The supplement includes 31 original research articles, nine of which are from the Americas (from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru), and four perspective articles by global experts in health economics and decision science. The original research includes 14 country-led cost-effectiveness analyses and nine country costing and financial flows analyses that incorporate new data collected from over 300 primary health care facilities in six countries. The four perspective articles address subjects including the potential role of cost-effectiveness analysis in vaccine price negotiations, the continued need for models and methodological approaches that can be adapted for use in low resource policy settings, and the challenges of supporting country-level decision making in the context of donors' priority setting.

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