Are you the next GNN chair?

26 March 2019

The secretariat of the Global NITAG Network is proud to announce an open call for nomination for the new chair for a 2 year mandate.  The vacant will be generated when Pr Anthony Harnden ends his term in June 2019.


The Chair role and responsibilities will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Ensure there is an annual work plan and quarterly teleconference calls with a structured agenda
  • Provide encouragement, guidance and direction to the steering committee, working groups, and GNN members to ensure a clear sense of direction, commitment and belonging to the network;
  • Lead the development of the GNN’s vision, strategic direction and work streams with the support of the Secretariat staff;
  • Chair steering committee annual meetings and quarterly teleconferences, providing overall leadership and guidance to the steering committee members;
  • Chair GNN meetings and NITAG side meetings at SAGE;
  • Participate in NITAG partners’ calls;
  • Provide external representation and maintain good working relationships with external stakeholders and donors;
  • Oversee and support the effective functioning of the GNN Secretariat in support of achieving agreed objectives and work plans;

Only chairs, core members or executive secretaries from NITAGs that are part of the GNN are eligible to apply or suggest a Chair.

Please send your nominations to Louise Henaff: and Christoph Steffen:
Nominations must include the following information:
1.Name of candidate
3.Position in the NITAG and end date of mandate when applicable (chair and core members)
5.Expression of interest
Nominations must be received no later than 15th May 2019.

Call for nominations to join the steering committee will follow shortly.
Best regards,

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