Communication of vaccine benefits beyond the infection prevented

19 November 2017

Immunization is one of the greatest medical success stories of the 20th century and its benefits have been widely recognized and documented. However, today’s environment reflects little attention to, and a lack of confidence in vaccines. Communication to, and engagement of citizens through new technologies may help regain trust in vaccination and its benefits. In addition, it is less known that vaccination benefit goes beyond the infection prevented. The aim of this conference is to debate and illustrate this assertion through examples, information sharing and presentation of innovative digital initiatives. The outcome of this conference could lead to scientific and political actions in favor of recognizing the full benefits of immunization.

Practical informations
4-6 December 2017
Fondation Merieux, Veryier-du-lac, France

Agenda includes sessions on:

  • effect of vaccination on chronic/non-communicable diseases
  • Immunization and healthy ageing and the use of vaccines to improve the quality of life
  • How vaccination contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of health care systems
  • Getting benefits beyond disease prevention across

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