5th European Expert Meeting on Rotavirus Vaccination (EEROVAC)

22 March 2017

Starting in 2009, an international committee of leading scientists in the field of rotavirus vaccination research organizes biannual European Expert Meetings on Rotavirus Vaccination (EEROVAC) in various European locations. The 1st meeting was held in Tampere, Finland; the 2nd in Padua, Italy; the 3rd in Leipzig, Germany; and the 4th in Santiago de Compostella; Spain. The 5th edition will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands on March 20-22nd, 2017. The structure of the meeting is the same for each edition; The 2-day program includes invited lectures, as well as original oral and poster presentations and debates. The meeting provides an inclusive rotavirus networking and knowledge exchange forum at the international level. In the last decade the meeting has been able to capture a constant group of leading clinicians and researchers from Europe. As such, this meeting is the only European platform where experts in the field of rotavirus vaccination get together on a bi-annual basis to present and discuss latest research results and developments.


Practical informations

The broad objective of the meeting is to update and critically review the current status of RV vaccination both in Europe and globally, thereby advancing rotavirus vaccination for infants.
Specific learning objectives include:

  • Learn about impact of rotavirus vaccination on epidemiology, disease burden and healthcare usage
  • Obtain most recent insights in vaccine safety
  • Derive insight in rotavirus vaccine policy making in various settings
  • Learn about the latest developments with respect to licensed vaccines and alternative vaccines in the pipeline
  • Learn about new insights in rotavirus pathophysiology, immunology and diagnostics

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