Informing decision makers: Experience and process of 15 National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups

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Informing decision makers: Experience and process of 15 National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups
Philippe Duclos
Denise DeRoeck
E Anthony S Nelson
Brad Gessner
Elsevier - Vaccine
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Article from Vaccine, Volume 28, Supplement 1, 19 April 2010, A1-A5. This supplement of Vaccine contains detailed descriptions of the experiences and processes of 15 well-established National Immunization Technical Advisory Committees from all regions of the world. All of these committees provide information to national governments that is used to make evidence-based decisions regarding vaccine and immunization policy. Nevertheless, many differences between committees exist including their legal basis, size and scope of committee membership, scope of work, role of the Ministry of Health on the committee, existence of conflict of interest policies, and ultimate role in the decision-making process. Individual country authors identified numerous areas for improvement and these are summarized here.

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