Ethiopia establishes its NITAG

25 Mayo 2016

The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health establishes the Ethiopian National Immunization Advisory Group comprised of 7 national independent experts who serve as both a technical resource and a deliberative body to provide scientific evidence-based recommendations to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will review, prioritize, and make final decisions on all recommendations provided by the Ethiopia NITAG. 


From 16th to 18th May 2016, the SIVAC initiative in collaboration with WHO AFRO held a three day orientation workshop for members of the Ethiopia NITAG in Debreziet, Ethiopia. The training was attended by 6 core members and 8 non-core members. The training was organized to orient the members of the NITAG to the operations and functions of NITAGs as per WHO guidelines. In addition, the members utilized the workshop to also develop the first draft of the NITAG internal procedures manual and agreed upon the way forward for the functioning of the NITAG. 
Following the successful completion of the workshop, the NITAG plans to hold its inaugural meeting in June 2016 to adopt the working documents developed at the Debreziet workshop and to also serve as the official launch of the NITAG.

The 7 core members of the Ethiopia NITAG are as follows:

  1. Prof Yemane Berhane Tsehay (Epidemiologist and Public Health expert)
  2. Dr. Mitike Molla Sisay (Research on continuum of MNCH, Teaching and Training expert)
  3. Prof Telahun Teka Wolde (Paediatrician and Infectious Disease, Nutrition & Vaccine specialist)
  4. Prof Bogale Worku Feye (New born and Child health specialist)
  5. Prof Amha Mekasha Wondimagegnehu (Infectious disease and Vaccinology specialist)
  6. Mr. Tefsa Demelew Taye (Public health and Research expert)
  7. Dr. Tadesse Alemu (Medical doctor and Public Health expert)


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    A major milestone for the Ethiopia NITAG was achieved when it held its first executive meeting on the 22nd of August, 2016. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Kebede Worku, State Minister of the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The meeting was attended by 6 Core members, 2 Ex-officio, 3 Liaison and 1 Secretariat member. In this meeting, Prof. Yemane Berhane was appointed as the chair of the Ethiopia NITAG and will serve in this capacity for the next three years.

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