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NITAG Training Manual
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The SIVAC Initiative has supported the creation and/or strengthening of 16 NITAGs and organised over 20 training workshops in collaboration with partners in Africa, South-East Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Pacific WHO regions, with the aim of building NITAG capacity to function in accordance with WHO guidelines.
Building from this experience, the SIVAC Initiative has developed a training catalogue that describes the project strategy and key interventions to reinforce the NITAGs’ capabilities to provide decision-makers with sound technical and evidence-based recommendations. As presented in the catalogue of trainings, the SIVAC capacity building strategy comprises regional and national training programmes with the following goals:

For regional trainings:

  • To develop local expertise to sustain NITAG capacity building (e.g. training local experts as technical resources and facilitators of future regional and national NITAG trainings)
  • To promote a learning-by-experience approach through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned among countries with a similar context

For national trainings:

  • To address specific country needs as related to NITAG scope of work or topics of interest

The target groups identified in the training catalogue are:
• National experts as potential future facilitators for NITAG trainings
• NITAG chairs and secretariats
• NITAG members, including core members, liaison members, and ex-officio members

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