Create, strengthen, and evaluate NITAGs step by step

National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) are multidisciplinary groups of national experts responsible for providing independent, evidence-informed advice to policy makers and programme managers on policy issues related to immunization and vaccines.

This page provides essential documents needed for NITAG establishment, strengthening, and evaluation.



Strengthening a NITAG can be achieved by:

  • Securing enough human resources for the secretariat (at least one dedicated person is needed) ;
  • Documenting and implementing procedures ;
  • Participating in in-person training on the functioning of working groups, the use of accepted methodologies to assess scientific evidence, or the methodology for writing policy briefs;
  • Sharing lessons learnt and collaborating at both regional and global levels.

4 key documents


The evaluation of a NITAG ensures that it meets the international standards for NITAG functioning. 17 indicators are defined by WHO and are classified in three categories:

  • Functionality
  • Quality of NITAG processes and outputs
  • Integration into the immunization decision-making system

The assessment can be performed by the NITAG itself, by the ministry of health or by an institutional partner (WHO regional office or US-CDC) or else by another NITAG taking part in the Global NITAG Network.

3 key documents